• We require minimum notice of 3 working days to provide repeat prescriptions outside of consultations.
    • Our preference is to send prescriptions by secure email to your pharmacy of choice.
    • Patients with medical cards who have been given hospital prescriptions should present their prescription to their pharmacy within 24 hours. Your pharmacy will be able to offer you up to 7 days’ supply of the new medication. If needed, you can email the prescription to us, should it be needed on a Medical Card prescription.
    • Patients on long-term medications may be invited at intervals to review progress or carry out blood tests or other checks. Your GP will advise how often this may need to happen.

Repeat prescription can be requested by the following methods:

    • Telephone at any time: 01 4734030 then press 2 to record your message.
    • To order a repeat prescription online, please fill out Step 1 below. And if you are a private patient please fill out Step 2.
    • Step 1: Fill out the form on this page with your prescription details.
    • Step 2: If you are NOT a holder of a medical card or doctor visit card, please fill in your credit card details to make the payment of €20 for the repeat prescription.

STEP 1: Prescription Details

    Your Details:

    Do you have a medical card or doctor visit card?

    Pharmacy Details:

    Medication Details:

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    Please Note:

    • Please allow 72 hours for request to be processed.

    • Patients may be asked to attend Dr for review depending on last attendance and current medications requiring monitoring.

    • I acknowledge that if I am collecting my script that this can only be done in the morning between 8.30am - 1pm. And in the afternoon from 2pm - 5.15pm.

    • I acknowledge that there may be a fee for repeat prescriptions for private patients. Should a charge apply, and a payment has not been made through this form I consent to a payment link being sent to me by text message. Please note - should a consultation be needed to review medications, this fee may be deducted from the consultation fee.

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    GDPR: We will only use the information you provide us in this form to deal specifically with your request for a repeat prescription and we will not use it for any other purpose.

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    STEP 2: Online Payment €20

    If you are NOT a holder of a medical card or doctor visit card, please pay via the below form.

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